Redefining Success

We live in a world filled with fear.

We are all afraid of death and sickness to varying degrees. Our own and those we care about.

There’s fear that makes us passive, stuck in our ways. There’s fear that fuels hate.

And there’s fear that acts as a double weapon. It gets us to stay cramped up in our little corner and fills us with hate.

Hate for ourselves.

It’s a fear arguably worse than death.

Being afraid of life and what good it can give us.  

It’s scary to believe there are opportunities for us out there. What if we go out in the world and never find any?

What then?

What if we never find any opportunity for love? Work? Fulfillment?

No possibilities for happiness.

It’s true that some roads are better left non-explored. In the wild jungle that is human experience on this planet, some paths do turn out to be full of venomous creatures.

However, there are no stories of triumph and great adventures without an exotic creepy crawly or two.

Life is not a story book. I know.

I’m not going to turn into Jane from the jungle anytime soon but the writer in me can’t ever drain life of it’s potential for imagination.

The truth is we all carry our own story of how we will be successful one day and what our life will be like then.

For some of us that book may be accumulating dust in a closet deep down in the basement but it still exists.

Maybe your success story might as well have been written on toilet paper because you only ever think about it when your life gives you crap.

When everything seems to be going wrong, you think “wouldn’t it be great to have a better place, better job, better everything?”

“To finally write that book and have it become a best-seller or get rid of everything and go on that world-tour trip who you know will change your life?”

Then when things get better you just forget about it all. I mean who cares about toilet paper besides for the moment where you really need it.

Success is the realization of all our wildest dreams for most people. It’s this grand thing that we don’t know how to get to.

I want to be a successful writer but I’m terrified of failing. On most days I feel like I should write directly on toilet paper, that’s how terrible I find my writing.

The truth is I’m already successful because I’m working on it no matter what.

I have decided today to redefine success.

I say the moment we stop being fearful of what we cannot do and achieve, success has already been reached.

What do you think?

What is your definition of success?

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

*Photo Credit: jm3 on Flickr flickr Creative Commons 2.0


One thought on “Redefining Success

  1. I’ve often felt that a certain madness was essential to the process, the delusion to dismiss reason and logic and simply commit to trying for as long as it takes. To me, success means being willing to say “I will never stop trying, no matter what happens.”


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