How Strong Is Your Resolve?

Another year on this earth is about to end.

I don’t know how many others our specie will have.

I don’t know how many others I will have.

The older I get, the more I envision New Year differently.

I used to think I should take part in the resolution frenzy.

The truth is every day is a start to a new year.

Waiting for January 1st to go after our goals is pointless.

Deep down we all know it but yet it is so tempting to make resolutions. It’s as if the first day of a new year ramps up our interest in changing whatever it is we wish to change in ourselves.

It is the talk of the week.

“What are your resolutions for 2017?”

I prefer to ask you:

“How strong is your resolve?”

I have had lots of resolutions over the years but I was only ever interested in accomplishing things.

 I wasn’t truly committed.

The truth is, our time, my time is running out. Every year brings us closer to the one where it will all end.

If that doesn’t make your resolve strong to accomplish something you are simply not going to ever do it.

I don’t have any resolutions this year.

All I have is my resolve to do whatever I want to do every day. Today, tomorrow. Every day next year.

What do you think of New Year resolutions?

Is January 1st an important date for you?

Did you ever keep a resolution you have made on January 1st?

I’d love to have your thoughts in the comments.

*Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks flickr Creative Commons 2.0


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