Embracing Off Days

I chose this picture because it spoke to me.

I felt stuck in a brain fog all day.

I wanted to be productive but I was unfocused and I just gave up.

Sometimes breathing, eating, being me is all I can do.

There are thousands of topics that I could touch upon but my heart is not in it.

So here’s to embracing my off days.

I wonder what is the best thing to do when it happens. Should we muster up all our courage to do sub par work or just give up and start up again tomorrow?

There’s a fine line between acknowledging and embracing our feelings and being led by them.

I accept that not all days can be as productive as I want them to be but doing nothing because I feel off seems like selling myself short.

Pushing ourselves beyond temporary feelings is bound to produce more results.

What we do when we don’t think we can do anything is something nonetheless.

There’s a strong wave of “let’s cut ourselves some slack” defenders.

Proponents of self-love and self-care are all about embracing off days.

I tend to fall in their camp but I don’t know if it’s always right.

I want to believe there’s some value in what I say even in my off days.

Not writing anything because I’m feeling unfocused, boring, not myself and all those ultimately subjective feelings is akin to telling myself my thoughts are not worth anything today based on an nonfactual attribution.

Where is the self-love?

What do you do when you have a off-day?

I’d love to read your insights in the comments.

Thank you for reading if you’ve made it this far!

*Photo Credit: Trevor Leyenhorst flickr Creative Commons 2.0


One thought on “Embracing Off Days

  1. I try to distance myself from classifying a day as off or on. I still do it, but I strive to instead adopt a perspective of “do my part, and the rest is out of my hands.”

    There was a story I once heard, where someone watched a dance that was performed on a weekly basis, and when they saw the dance, they were floored. They couldn’t describe it, but there was something powerful and evanescent taking place.
    Curious, they stayed another week, and saw the dance again, but it was not the same.
    When they asked someone else explained “Last time God joined the dance.”

    Whether it’s true or not, I think it’s helpful for an artist to calmly say “I will do my part, and sometimes my muse will join me, and it will be magical. It won’t happen every time, but it can’t ever happen unless I do my part. So I’ll write, or paint, or dance, every week, and sometimes they will join me.”


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