Going Into the Light

Yesterday was winter solstice. In the northern hemisphere it means that from this point on we are going to get a bit more light each and everyday.

It happens ever so slowly that it’s not really noticeable until spring really hits. At least that’s the way it always felt to me. Maybe the grayness of the snow  dims the effects of a few minutes of extra daylight.

It adds up overtime and life gets brighter at some point.

I’m always surprised by how the change seems to happen overnight when it actually doesn’t.

It’s hard to notice the good of a few extra moments of light in our day when our feet are stuck in the cruddy snow.

As this year is coming to a close, many of us are in reflection mode.

All the good and a lot of the bad are circling in our minds. A new start needs the reassurance that we won’t repeat our mistakes.

While it’s good to reassess our past failures or grievances to a certain degree, we can get stuck.

It’s a double-edged sword we all experience.

I spent a very long time in 2016 thinking about my failure to do what I set out to do the year before. It consumed a lot of my thoughts and it was always in the back of mind anytime I attempted to work on my goals and dreams.

I used my past inadequacy to gauge my future success.

In being so focused on not repeating my mistakes I kept remembering how I failed to do the precise thing I was actively now trying to do.

There’s a part of us that clings to the negative. Our inner critic will seize any opportunity to remind ourselves of why we are not fit to do anything.

That’s where I went wrong for a long time.

Yesterday’s solstice reminded me that long dark days come to an end.

Today is the first day of us going towards more light.

I won’t let my feet get stuck in bad memories.

Instead, I embrace the light that is going to come gradually.

One day my life will be as bright as I want it to be.

*Photo Credit: fdecomite flickr Creative Commons 2.0


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