Don’t Step Down From Your Fortress

Montreal is a total winter wonderland right now.

Well it’s more of a “I wonder where the land is” and “I wonder how to step over this mountain of snow to get on the bus”.

Either way it’s not fun. Except for kids.

They find entertainment everywhere, don’t they?

Even in the coldest of places.

I wasn’t a big fan of snow even as a kid but I did enjoy it a lot more than I do today.



I’ve always liked building fort and fortresses. Inside and outside. That’s not really unusual.

I think most people can relate to that.

However, once they were nice and tall and people started coveting them, I gave them up.

I surrendered my fortresses at any slight provocation.

I liked building a space for myself but I didn’t want the responsibility of protecting it against intruders.

 We may have forged the best defenses around our fortress but if we’re not willing to stand by while we’re being attacked, they’re useless.

Even though I haven’t been constructing fortresses out of snow lately, I’ve realized that I am still attempting to make one.

I like to stay alone in my own fort, stating all sorts of projects, trying to build myself up.

And you guessed it, I want to give it up anytime something comes up.

Today I want to tell myself, and that kid I was back then:

Don’t ever step down from your fortress again!


*Photo Credit: Eden, Janine and Jim flickr Creative Commons 2.0


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