Sleeping with the Enemy

I ended a 6 year relationship over a disagreement about hydration.

It sounds silly but it’s a true story.

He didn’t believe it was healthy to drink more than 1L a day.

It was then and there that I decided I couldn’t love him anymore.

Obviously we had other underlying issues but this was (literally) the drop that made the glass overflow.

Besides being dehydrated, he was also, to my dismay, a self-confessed carnivore.

Now, I’m not saying partners with opposing views can’t have lasting relationships but it’s the exception rather than the norm.

If infidelity, growing apart or simply falling out of love hasn’t teared your relationship apart, chances are the discovery of veganism will.

It did for me.

The beginning of the end was when he asked me to order a meat lover’s pizza for him.

It went downhill from there.

From making him eat a vegan burger deceptively (he still doesn’t know it wasn’t meat to this day) to that final fight over water, it did feel like I was sleeping with the enemy.

Relationships between vegans and non-vegans can and do work but they are controversial for a reason.

I know, I will never tone down again the part of me that I want my partner to understand the most.

In the end, it’s what it comes down to.

You have to ask yourself if censoring a part of you is worth any relationship. Even if you’re blatantly militant, is watching your partner disregard everything that you know is right in your heart, ever going to bring you closer?

What has been your experience dating as a vegan?

Or maybe you’re the one dating a vegan?

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments.


*Photo Credit: Michael flickr Creative Commons 2.0


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