The Vegan Conundrum

I didn’t know what a vegan was before I turned 18. I knew about vegetarianism but I had never met anyone belonging to the “cult”.

My first encounter with a vegan “ad”was a Peta leaflet having something to do with the treatment of chickens. I honestly don’t remember as I skimmed and discarded the information as fast as I got it.

It was merely a drop of water getting lost in the sea of constant approval of my meat eating ways. There is a stream going to our brains everyday. It’s made up of all the input we get from our environment during the day. Society tells us what is acceptable, expected of us, what we should focus on and what we should consume.

Nobody ever said a word to me but I heard what was going on around me. All my life I never contemplated what was on my plate. It’s near impossible to do so when there’s constant buzzing in your ears about all the reasons you shouldn’t.

Navigating the world as a vegan is very much like being on a boat taking water while going upstream. Either you sink or learn to swim.

The point is, no one likes swimming against the current. Nobody will unless they really have to.

Obviously, people will always avoid finding out that they might indeed have to.

What is the big “vegan conundrum” then you might ask?

The question that is bound to present itself at some point for any vegan while they are going against the mass is this:

How best to convince people to come with me upstream?

Either you’re that type of vegan who pretends not to care “live and let live” or you try to pull others against the current with you, using all your might.

On one hand, letting others watch you swim in silence may one day inspire them to go with you. That’s a long shot though. The current will still always be in the other direction.

You can be screaming, kicking your feet in the water, splashing them, pulling them away from the steady stream they’re on. Chances are they’ll be kicking and screaming too.

What’s a vegan to do?

I still haven’t found the answer to this vegan conundrum.

What is your view on this?

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments!


*Picture Credit: Michael Coghlan Creative Commons 2.0


3 thoughts on “The Vegan Conundrum

  1. I think just by existing we have far more influence than we realise. But peaceful activism/vegan outreach is a great way to draw people in too. I’ve found the Earthlings Experience to be especially effective.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes I agree we can inspire some people just by leading by example. I’ve never tried the Earthlings Experience but I’m sure it must be quite effective!

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  2. As a peaceful vegan advocate, my job is simply to ‘get in the way.’ Willful ignorance can only go so far, but shock and awe is not effective; it only makes people dig in deeper to their ways. Education and approach-ability is key to reaching out to non-vegans. Remember: we were all non-vegans long before we woke up.


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