Duck Duck Goose

I used to play that game a lot last summer. It’s a kids’ favorite.

Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Goose.

You know how the game goes.

One of their little girl friends came over one time to play. She was quiet and reserved. She reminded me of myself as a child.

I never wanted to be the goose. I could tell she didn’t want to either.

Now, as an adult I was the goose most of the time. The kids loved seeing me run around.

Snow has made its apparition in Montreal a few days ago. I walk in the streets with my old coat insulated with down feathers. I bought it 5 years ago. In my other life. It feels that way at least. I don’t have money for a new coat so I still wear it.

This summer, we sat by the pond, the kids and I. The little duck families minding their own lives and for a moment, sharing it with us, was a delight.

I sat there alone too from time to time. Gooses and ducks lived together in harmony on that little artificial lake. No chasing each other like in the games we humans play.

A curious (or hungry) male duck approached me on one of those occasions. I watched quietly as he made his way towards me.

By the way, I know that animals are to be referred as “it” in proper grammar but it won’t happen on this blog. I care about proper morals not grammar. 

As he came closer and closer to me, I thought how beautiful the moment was.

You will never see a trust as pure. I can guarantee you.

These days, it’s nice to be reminded that I was worthy of trust. That we are all worthy of it.

Even though I wear cruelty everyday and I see others wear it too.

I don’t know why but we are.

I don’t know why we can be worthy of being a part of a duck’s life on those summer days, even for a fleeting moment.

But we are.

Winter chills me to the bone, even more so when I feel warm.

Those summer days playing duck, duck, goose are long gone.

I see it now, duck or goose, you don’t want to be either.



*Photo Credit: Dana Kee flickr Creative Commons 2.0


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