Dream Vacation

 November 21st. Montreal’s first snowfall.

Today thus marks the beginning of our collective daydreaming about our next vacation. I mean unless you’re one of those people who loves winter. (I’m not joking, I’ve heard of them)

Even though, I wouldn’t be opposed to jet-setting to somewhere tropical right now, I’ve actually been on a dream vacation for the past few months.

Let me explain.

No, I wasn’t on some luxury resort.

I took a vacation from my dream. From all of my dreams actually.

Obviously it wasn’t the best vacation. I’m ready to “come home” so to speak.

Although some people do get to escape from the dreaded cold to enjoy dream vacations in the tropics, I know that most of us do not.

However, I’m not alone on the “taking a vacation from your dreams” front.

We all have dreams, some big and some small. You may have a big dream. Let’s say, becoming a Broadway star. Or, many big dreams; learning to play the violin, writing a best-seller, starting a business.

If you are like me, you have a mixture of both.

If you are like me, you pretend to forget about them because you get sick and you don’t have the energy. You didn’t sleep well last night. You’re too stressed out to focus on anything.

You pretend to forget because, life. Life gets in the way of life. Life happens.

Life. Period.

The difference between taking a dream vacation and taking a vacation from your dream(s) is in the escape.

If you are one of those lucky people leaving for Mexico or Florida as soon as an inch of snow touches the asphalt on your street, it is more than likely that your escape was planned. 

We never plan on escaping from our dream. From quitting the project or practice that we hold so dear.

One escape is desired, the other is not?

It would seem like it is so.

Of course, we all want our dreams to come true.

However we let ourselves escape them so easily. I let myself escape. 

The here and now, this dread of going to work for yet another day. This worry about money. The sniffle that seems to have appeared out of nowhere as soon as the snow touched the ground.

It’s awful, it’s annoying. But it’s also the greatest escape of all.

This life of yours, with it’s worries and troubles, that’s the vacation you didn’t even know you were taking.

I don’t want to vacation bathed in my worries, under the sun of my troubles anymore.

As the snow falls yet again, as another winter of your life is coming to pass, please come home from your vacation.

You may be dreaming of the tropics as you step over the grey polluted half melted puddles of snow but your dreams will be there to hold you up.

If only you come home.

Forget the tropics, escaping your dreams will only lead you to your very own Island of despair.

What kind of vacation are you going on this winter?

*Picture credit: Selamat Made flickr Creative Commons 2.0


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