What is your count?

What if I told you your days are numbered?

That’s the kind of threat bad guys use in movies. I’m not a bad guy but I have to tell you: your days are numbered.

The moment you came into this world the meter started. It’s been counting ever since. One day it will stop. Life as we experience it as a human being living on this planet will stop. Maybe there are other meters beyond, who knows, but as of right now, this one is the most tangible to all of us.

Everyone’s meter is adding up as I write this. Your own meter is adding seconds and minutes passing by as you read this. Your children’s meter will have gone up of several hours when you go pick them up at school later today. Every 24 hours, +1 will be added to your days.

What is your count as of today?

Mine is 9508. My mom’s is 19269. My grandma’s is 29469.

For every +1 added, -1 is subtracted.

We are helpless to some laws of the universe.

Linearity rules us all. As a writer, I appreciate that every beginning has an end.

As a human, not so much.

I don’t know who many +1 I’m going to get. Today might be my last. Even though that’s scary to contemplate, it is even scarier to think about how many +1 our loved ones have left.

There’s many I mean MANY inspirational/motivational books and talks that cover this.

I’m not bringing anything new.

For sure, you might probably think this is all cheezy. (I know it’s spelled with a ‘s’ but we’re vegans here so no real cheesy, duh!)

“Enjoy today, it might be your last”


All it ever does is make people think: “That’s right I should really get on to doing x,y,z”

But who actually ends up using their +1s to go after their dreams?

There is a deadline to this big project called life and we are all being the worst procrastinators!

Today is another +1 that you and I get.

Thank you for spending some time of it reading this by the way!

To make it worth your precious time, I’m going to give you my #1 piece of advice to get started on those big (and little) dreams of yours:

Be Mediocre

You read that right.

What the &%$#!???

I know. That sounds crazy.

As I grow older (9508 days, remember?), I realize it is the antidote to many of my problems.

It’s something so simple, yet I stayed away from it for a very long time. Because, you know, who in the world would want to be mediocre?

Now, I proudly raise my hand. Me.

Recently, I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for years. I started my youtube channel.

It is embarrassing, cringy and definitely sub-par. (I won’t even get into the editing…)



In the end, and I do mean the end, as in when the meter will finally stop, will you care about what you did with mediocrity or all the things you didn’t do?

Our egos keep us from doing the things we want to do but don’t do because of how bad we think we are.

My ego has met reality, my days are numbered and I will work every +1 that I get on doing all the mediocre thing that I’ve always wanted to do.

Go on, on your next +1, try it.

Be mediocre.




*Picture: Nick Kenrick Flickr Creative Commons 2.0 


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