Finding space for creativity

As a kid, I spent hours pretending I was locked in the closet.

It was small with old mostly blank ugly walls. That’s what I liked about it. I had to imagine I was somewhere else or I would develop claustrophobia. There was just enough space for me to sit down with my legs half stretched out.

Truth be told, I’ve never found a better space for creativity since then.

Oh, I tried. I’m still trying.

That’s the thing. You can never give up on creativity.

It’s the ultimate privilege of our human condition. Arguably one of our only redeeming qualities.

Although you may not consider yourself to be a creative person, you are. Creativity lays dormant in all of us. It’s tossing and turning, stirring deep inside, even in the most banal lives.

If you don’t find space for it, it will try to seep in every way possible. You’ll suppress it again and again until you’ve either had enough or you’re lying on your deathbed reminiscing on your boring life.

Who in the world wants that?

I sure don’t.

Yet, up until not too long ago, I suppressed my creative urges.

I’m definitely not the only one.

How many times have you said to yourself I would do *blank* if only I had time? Or money? Or no kids? Or a proper office? Or whatever it is you think you need?

Let me assure you, your creativity doesn’t care.

It will come and taunt you at your most vulnerable time.


72% of people report getting their best ideas in the shower.

I’m more of a dish washing creative thinker myself.

The point is, we get ideas, sometime brilliant ideas whether we like it or not.

The problem is most of them never leave the shower or sink. Actually, they go down the drain.

The only antidote is to find a space for creativity beyond shower time.

Although time may seem like the most important variable, it’s not.

All the free time in the world cannot and will not bring about your creativity.

Not without locking yourself in your own closet first, metaphorically speaking (or not).

The most creative you want to be, the smaller it should be.

Creativity thrives in bare environments.

Since we’re all adults here and spending hours in the closet is not really possible (unless you have a walk-in, then be my guest), how do we make a metaphorical closet?

It’s not rocket science and you’ve probably guessed it by now: You have to eliminate all distractions. And I really do mean ALL.

Your should rely on your brain for distraction.

In other words, my recommendations are:

1- Pretend you’re locked away in the smallest closet you’ve ever seen. You can also pretend you’re in solitary confinement aka jail.

2- Bore yourself to death (it’s only fitting)

Those may seem cruel but let me remind you that a boring life is a death sentence in itself.

If you’re never bored you’re destined to a boring life. 

I do appreciate the irony.




*Picture credit: Steven Kay Creative Commons 2.0


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