Can you find true inspiration on social media?


As a writer, inspiration has always been something I chased after. Ever since I can remember I’ve been searching for it everywhere.

It started as a child with the usual people watching, which shouldn’t surprise you. People watching is an universally known trademark shared by all writers and philosophers. Deep thinker types. Not that I would describe myself as a deep thinker, but I wanted to be thought of as a deep thinker.

I was the quiet child, buried behind a pile of books, peeking over once in while to watch the commotion of life happening around me. My mind somewhere between these two worlds. I liked it that way. If my life was halfway into fiction, it couldn’t ever get so bad, could it?

Around the time everyone’s life gets a little more tumultuous, I found the most amazing thing ever. You could people watch without even leaving your bed. From then on, I was obsessed. In every way possible I wanted to catch a glimpse of other people’s stories.

I became part of a tight knit community of french bloggers. Everyone shared their lives openly, it was this great never ending story that I could read every day. It didn’t take long before I did the same. My life was a great never ending story too. It went on for a couple years before the site shut down.

At that time, social media wasn’t a thing yet. Facebook was barely on the map, it certainly wasn’t popular. (yes I’m that old)

When the time came to choose a path for my life, I naturally turned to psychology. I’d be a psychologist. I didn’t want to just see people’s lives unfold before me, I craved to be let in. I always wanted to help people but those who had the courage to bare their soul especially. I knew that’s where true inspiration had to be. In those instants of connection with another human being that is just doing that, being human.

Good stories are based on what happens when the masks come off, aren’t they?

It turns out, faced with the raw unedited life stories of people who suffered so much that they forgot they could be anything other than vulnerable, I couldn’t bare it.

Yes, I have a degree in psychology that I don’t use. I don’t want to see firsthand day in and day out that life is much worse than fiction. 

What then? Is there inspiration to be found elsewhere?

Have you ever searched for true inspiration?

These days, it seems that everyone is searching for it in the wrong places.

People watching has turned into going through facebook feeds, instagram posts, youtube vlogs.

The possibility to connect to each other as humans and get inspired is greater now than it has ever been.

The need for inspiration is also at an all time high it seems.

The infinite supply of people from all walks of life sharing their lives with the world, from gamers, food bloggers, artists, activists, nomads, fashionistas, fitness models (the list could go on forever) wouldn’t exist without a demand.

You and I, or any human really will always look up to those who are at the end of the road we are searching for.

As if connecting our own story to theirs will somehow get us there faster.

It could and it should but the line between inspiration and distraction is blurry. At least, it is for me.

I’m sure I’m not the only one stuck on a quest for inspiration, only to get caught up in having so many #goals that none of them are bound to happen.

Social media is great to feel inspired, not so much to actually, you know, do things.

Do you agree or disagree?

I’d love to know your thoughts on the topic.



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